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Sep 12, 2010 1:00am PDT
update news. hello and welcome to update news. thanks for joining us. starting off the new year with a new president. the old president is coming this to fill in this until the whi the. more left. he is interim president and he is off the to a start. >> ' sense of ease and comfort obvious. the president is not a new face. from 2005-2008 he served as president advancing the school if two key areas. the library and the newly finished campus ville. now, for a second stint on campus his biggest problems are the budget crunches. >> we have to figure out ways to support them in the frame work or financial frame work we are in, and to be bold. however new students are worried about not getting into classes. >> san jose staten rolled 3,000 new freshman and it's unclear that they will allow new standpoints. the president is particularring to goals that they set for the new school year. on campus. update news. >> a former san jose student file add lawsuit over hazing the student that is attending another school said she was beaten, punched and paddled. the student is suing the universit
Sep 19, 2010 1:00am PDT
of the biggest drug bust in u.s. history and it's only 30 miles away. >>> of a major car manufacturer shows its latest creation on campus and works with sjsu students to get the word out. update news now. >>> from the school of journalism and mass communications at san jose' state university, your source for what's happening on today's other thans. you're watching update news. >>> hello and welcome to update news. i'm katie kaufman. >> and i'm crystle. >>> as investigators try to determine what caused the explosion that killed people in san bernardino dino. also inspectors are examining whether work on the pime line two years could have contributed to the blast. some students and families are directly affected. others are pitching in to offer relief. margarita is here with more. >> students have been talking about the tragic explosion. some students live in san bruno. some of the one that is lost their homes is pellegrino and adam. adam now plays in ukanda emeonye but his father was in the house and suffered burns. adam ferrari is in san bruno. he was at work when it happened and she was texti
Sep 26, 2010 1:30am PDT
inspired and wants to share their art form with us, to come by and share it with us. it is a place for students to voice their opinions and get everything they feel out in the open. anna bell likes reading to this crowd. >> for me, i can best express myself when my feelings are written down. >> some people were participating for the first time. lindsey leon got the courage to really contribute. >> i think it is important to put yourself out there and try. if you mess up, people are like you are sharing. >> whether you want to share feelings or hear others express themselves, the mosaic series is open to everybody. it is every month. on campus, morgue p began trujillo. >> that is the 19th year for the san jose festival. this time the festival has expanded with cultural programming throughout the whole year. margarita joined the festival this week at the children's discovery museum. she is live on campus to tell us more. >> reporter: the festival is part of mexican heritage festival. the largest latino destination event of its type in the united states. it is going on for two weeks.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3